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The Goldenberg Group is not just a real estate company that “gives back”.

We’re an organization that was created specifically to do the “giving”, the philanthropy, the good works, with the Real Estate Development Company having been created to provide the economic platform in order to do that.

And, therefore, in addition to doing the “good works” the Real Estate Development annuity allows us to do – in Philadelphia and abroad – that community transforms consciousness and philanthropy consciousness informs how we approach Real Estate Development.

So in every community we develop, we not only look to create the best asset possible that will be there to enable us to be part of that community for many, many years, but we look to develop deep relationships in the community, hear their needs, work to improve their schools, do voluntary programs, help develop skills, help develop businesses, and especially help develop wealth. 

This is who we are and this is what makes us different.
“When we join a community, we don’t just come to build a building, we consider it our responsibility and calling to create positive, transformative change through impactful philanthropic initiatives locally and across the globe.”


– Ken Goldenberg

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