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A Community Mindset

The Corporate Partnerships with Neighborhood Schools are Key to the City’s Continued Growth

Seth Shapiro

Seth Shapiro
Executive Vice President and COO
The Goldenberg Group
Philly Biz Issue #10
September 2016

It is a pretty good time to be in the real estate industry. Center City is undergoing a growth spurt, the breadth of which we haven’t witnessed since the ’80s when we rebuilt the Market Street corridor and eclipsed Billy Penn’s hat.

The Goldenberg Group is soon to deliver ourbridge first multifamily rental project. When we were in the planning stages, one of our partners had an interesting way to describe our real estate investments. “We are,” he would say, “simply placing a bet on demographic and economic trends. Real estate is the flavor of the bet, but we could just as easily be betting on consumer goods or any other facet of the economy.” If our bet on the underlying trends leasing to the resurgence of Center City is correct, then our real estate bet will pay off.

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